Register for an IRC channel

Loin to IRC server with a unique NICKNAME then you get a message like this :

#android-dev Cannot join channel (+r) – you need to be identified with services

Run the following command, enter a strong password and your primary email id :

/msg NickServ REGISTER yourircpassword

you will get output like this :

*NickServ* REGISTER yourircpassword
NickServ- An email containing nickname activation instructions has been sent to
NickServ- If you do not complete registration within one day, your nickname will expire.
NickServ- NICKNAME is now registered to, with the password!.

NickServ- For frequently-asked questions about the network, please see the NickServ- FAQ page ( Should you need more NickServ- help you can /join #freenode to find network staff.

Goto your inbox and you will find instruction like this :

execute this command to verify your nickname.

To keep your email address private, rather than displaying it publicly, mark it as hidden (which is done by default for new accounts):

Join a channel using this command :
/join android-dev

To Mention a user in chat do this :
Type a few characters of his NickName then press TAB Key.


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